Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Quilled flowers pop up card

So for my son's Teacher appreciation week at school, i decided to make cards. And i have been fascinated by the kinds of cards you can make and all the stampin up products out there - so i have been playing with that. That's when i came across the explosion and the pop up cards - all of them had paper flowers - and i thought - we should be able to put some quilled flowers in there - but would it be too heavy? Then i came across
And here was a pop up card with quilled flowers - PERFECT - Mona Jain you have done an awesome job! Love the detail and colors.
So i attempted something similar.
I got the basic card in a  box base instructions from
Cynthias stampin up card tutorials
Cynthia has the details with the dimensions.
My son's teacher mentioned she loved coral, yellow and i thought those were the spring colors i would go with. And here is the result.
The flowers were basic quilled flowers that i pasted onto thicker green stock as stems.
This is with the card flat - so that you can put it in an envelope


  1. Hi Ann ..thanks for your lovely words. Glad you liked the idea and got inspired by it.
    Loved the colors of this card. Lovely blog !!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mona - love the work you do as well!