Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Flower bouquet

So this month i created another quilled flower design - more or less like a bouquet as i had a 3D effect for the flowers by using shaping domes. That makes the flowers really pop out instead of lay flat. The effect is definitely better.
I went for my orange again. But used a double graduating quilling strip. Basically what that means is that it strip starts as white - becomes orange in the middle and then is white again at the end.
Like so

Now with paper - i followed this tutorial - purple flower with a small change in the shape.
This is what i got

The full picture is as follows :)

 So to illustrate that flower i created a photo tutorial - not sure if its clear enough...that's one skill i need to improve on. However you will get a basic idea by going over the purple flower tutorial and this one below.

I love the way the flowers with the graduated orange paper turned out...reminds me of Fanta :)


  1. You made wonderful bouquet :) Glad you liked my tutorial :) Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Iza - i saw the comment only now :) Your work is super awesome. Thanks much for sharing.