Thursday, June 13, 2013

A design from Beautiful quilling step by step.

So one of my first projects was trying to figure out how much of paper i would require to make shapes that would fit the designs i wanted to do.
And after watching so many tutorials and blogs - i realised i would have to manufacture these sizes myself. Hence i got my self the book - Beautiful Quilling step by step.
One of the designs caught my eye because of the fine detail in the butterfly. I then went ahead and got some wooden plaques from Walmart. Painted it with beige, and then quilled the same picture with the same dimensions. Once i completed it - i felt it was missing something since it looked really sparce.
I came across some bell flowers on Pinterest - and tried those. They were perfect. And this is what i came up with. Few things i learnt.1. Always keep a wet paper towel to wipe your hand clear of glue. 2.End product should be varnished to give it stability. So i went ahead and got Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic coating aerosol spray. It worked perfectly!

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